Miscellany, s. l., [17th.-18th. cent.].
Ms. gr. 1106

Miscellany, Wallachia, 1780
Ms. rom. 1414

Litourgikon, Wallachia, 18th. cent (1st. half)
Ms. gr. 1448

Irmologion, Moldova, 19th. cent.
Ms. sl. 610

Miscellany of Ascetic Literature and Prayers, s.l., 1819
Ms. rom. 3536

Religious Miscellany, Bucharest, 1812
Ms. rom. 4270

Heirmologion, Walachia, Chi╚Ťorani, 1834
Ms. rom. 3334

Miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Bucharest, 18th. cent.
Ms. rom. 1830

Dyptich of the Brâncoveni Monastery, Wallachia, 1843
Ms. rom. 2076

Chronographia, Moldova, 1689
Ms. rom. 86