About us

            The Romanian Academy Library (Biblioteca Academiei Romane), located in Bucharest, was founded in 1867 and, since 1885, is a depositary library serving as the first Romanian national library as well. Among its holdings numbering more than 11 million items the library hosts the most outstanding patrimonial collection of manuscripts including 6000 volumes of medieval and modern Romanian manuscripts, more than 1500 Greek and 860 Church Slavonic manuscripts, all dating from the XIIth.-XIXth. Centuries. Authoritative catalogues of these collections were published under the aegis of the Romanian Academy Library. Using scanned images from the Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu‟s manuscripts and from artist Carol Popp de Szathmary‟s photographs two digital library applications have been developed joining the images and their bibliographical records in a metadata base. The Romanian Academy Library is an active partner in IT bilateral projects: A Preservation Strategy for the Interwar Romanian Pres, join project with The Holocaust Museum, Washington DC – USA, Slavonic Manuscripts in the Romanian Academy Library – online cataloguing, join project with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia – Bulgaria, LibEval – Quality and Performances Evaluation of Online Libraries, join project with ICI, Bucharest – Romania.

Name: SC Institutul pentru Tehnica de Calcul ITC SA, Short name: ITC,
ITC has been developed various virtual on-line platforms using Open Source Course Management System (CMS), (Learning Management System (LMS) / Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)) and creates different software tools based on dynamic web sites for their users, with key features such as: User registration by administrator, moderated or free; User management through groups, roles or organization tree; Additional fields for better user cataloguing; Competence management module and gap analysis; Course and curricula management system; Standard and customized multilevel report; Generation and printing of PDF certificates; Administrator management and profiling; Didactic multi-model support (cognitivism, constructivism and blended learning);Report scheduling for automatic sending; Third party software/services interface, Third party software/services import and export data; Web browser-only based, multi-browser compliance, no plug-ins required; Internal search  
engine for content library; Course catalog; Automatic course subscription based on company role, group or tree position; User registration or subscription through codes; Browser compatibility: Internet Explorer (6...10), Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Operating systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Linux, Mac OS.
ITC has also developed on-line platforms for Romanian R&D Competitions, such as: RELANSIN, AMTRANS, INFOSOC, CEEX (ROSERIS, SIMVAPS, SINTESERV), PNCDI2 2007 (INFOMARK, BIOREGIS), PNCDI2 2008 (E-MARKETING, MONIMUN), PNCDI2 2011 (BYZANTION, RENART).

Main Business Areas
ITCNet - Integrated Communication System, Internet Access: Fiber optic, cable, wireless- 3.5Ghz Frequency, leased line, ISDN, dial-up; Virtual Private Networks, Web Design: HTML, Flash, PHP, Java Script, CGI, CSS, Web Hosting: PHP, ASP, JSP; International voice services, GIS solutions based on ITC‟s developed application or ESRI software products, Software development on customer requirements. ITC people have a considerable expertise in areas, such as: Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Power Builder, Perl, Visual C, Visual .Net, Delphi, BAAN 4GL; ESRI(Arc-GIS); Macromedia Director MX, Macromedia Flash MX; Operating systems: Linux, UNIX (AIX, Solaris), Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/7, 8; Databases: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, FoxPro, My SQL; Object-oriented system analysis, modeling and design for real-time systems using UML language and Rational XDE tools; Installation technologies: ISMP (Install Shield Multi-Platform).